About Us

  Wenzhou Astock Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.It is a high-tech enterprise located in the science and Technology Park of Wenzhou National University. The main business of the company is R & D, production and sales of in vitro diagnostic reagents. The company has a first-class GMP production workshop and R & D center in Hangzhou. The company has passed many quality system certification such as ISO, and more than 20 products have passed EU CE certification.
  Wenzhou Astock Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.has been created with the sole objecive of benefting the stakeholders in healthcare industry with major stake in POCT business including rapid tests.Wenzhou Astock Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. is commited to bring Iovative Solutions incuding convergence of rapid tests ease with the power of modern day electronics,thereby helping the creation of new technological platforms as well as business processes that unlocks the true potential of amalgamation of technology and commerce with new milestones in techno-commercial sectors of POCT industry.In a nutshell,with
Wenzhou Astock Biotechnology Co.,Ltd,you can Relx and leave the wories of today and tomorrow with bettersolutions for you than solutions available today.

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