Ma-680 series rapid qPCR instrument

Ma-680 series rapid qPCR instrument Ma-680 series rapid qPCR instrument
Ma-680 series rapid qPCR instrument
Contact:Andy Tian
Mobile:+86 1570589 2460

The MA-680 series is an economical real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument with a fully open design based on the MA-6000 series technology platform and tailored for qPCR beginners and small laboratories.

With a compact body, 48x0.2ml international standard sample arrangement, and 3-color fluorescence detection channels, the MA-680 series will reduce the time and economic costs for your experiments and help you start the era of fluorescence quantitative PCR experiments in advance.

Technical Parameters

Instrument modelMA-686     MA-688     
Sample capacity48×0.2ml     
Applicable consumables0.2ml single tube, 8×0.2ml row tube (applicable to domestic tube)
Heating/cooling module
Semiconductor thermoelectric module
Temperature control range 4℃~100℃     
Heating rate


Cooling rate 3℃/S(MAX)     
Temperature control accuracy±0.1℃     
Number of temperature control zones3 zones independent temperature control
Temperature uniformity
Number of gradient temperature columns8
Gradient temperature range 1℃~32℃     
Gradient temperature selection range
30℃~100℃ (room temperature is lower than 28℃)
Excitation light sourceMaintenance-free LED excitation light source
Excitation light wavelength range470nm~588nm  470nm~630nm     
Number of excitation light channels34
Detection componentsNew optical detector, combined with digital circuit control, stable optical signal
Excitation light wavelength range470nm~588nm     470nm~630nm     
Detection light wavelength range510nm~620nm510nm~675nm     
Number of detection channels3
Excite and detect channel propagation medium48 bidirectional high temperature professional optical fibers
Applicable dyes and probesFAM/SYBR Green/Eva Green/LC Green/Fluorescein, VIC/HEX/TET/Cy3/Cy3.5/JOE/Yellow555, ROX/Texas Red, Cy5, etc.
ConfidenceEffectively distinguish between 1000 and 2000 copies, with a confidence level of 99.8%
ResolutionSingle reaction as low as 1.5 times change
Software functionThe software has rich functions, which can realize absolute quantification, relative quantification, genotyping, amplification efficiency calculation, melting curve, etc. through dyes and probes
Data output formuser settings
working environment18~35℃     
Storage temperature-20~55℃     
Operating Voltage100~240V,50~60Hz     
Instrument sizeSize: 465×310×280 (length×width×height: mm)

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